"Wonderful!  A great plot with unexpected twists and turns.  I was sad when I came to the last page
because I didn't want to say goodbye to the people I had met.  Awesome character development."

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Above the Stars - Synopsis

Called away from the Sierra Madre del Sur to conduct his brother's funeral, missionary Lonnie Striker finds he's inherited a film company on the verge of collapse. He fled the business world years ago vowing to never return, but now he's facing an unavoidable dilemma. He's been given two weeks to stave off a corporate mutiny, hold creditors at bay, and deliver a film to market while guarding a secret that could destroy his family. And there's something else: he's just discovered the film is rated "R" for sex and violence. It's a film he's convinced the public shouldn't see. The film's release will bring financial security and protect his family. Standing on principle could cost him everything he holds dear, including his ministry. It should be an easy decision, but...

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