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"Clever, brave, insightful and compelling.
This is one of those novels that demands to be read and demands to be discussed.

If I Should Die



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If I Should Die - Synopsis

There's something strange going on at Emerald Valley. In a secluded retirement home just outside Portland residents are starting to disappear. Nursing home records show the deceased were in pain and asked the doctor to help them find release, all perfectly legal, but that doesn't square with those who knew them. Their friends allege the "death wish" letters are fabrications. Promising to investigate their claims, Journalist Laurie Best disguises herself as an elderly woman and goes undercover. She's in for a real eye-opener. It's one thing to discover what it's like to be marginalized and ignored, it's something else to face the Angel of Death and argue whether God alone has the right to say who's to liveā€•and who's to die.

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