Keith on stage

"They're so close. They know something started it all but rather than attribute it to
the work of a divine creator they say nothing did nothing and became everything."


Stretching Heaven - Synopsis

The picturesque shoreline of San Francisco is enhanced by three gold towers that stand reflecting the glory of the morning sun. They comprise CellMerge, "the biotech with heart." The work of CellMerge is altruistic, the elimination of disease bringing increased longevity to mankind.

From the beach Sarah looks across the bay and shivers. She knows those buildings hold the key to unlocking her past. She recently joined CellMerge intent on confronting the eminent Dr. Summer, a man she believes abandoned her as a child. She wants to introduce him to his grandson, but she may be too late. Dr. Summer’s tenure is on shaky ground. He’s been censored for publishing a technical paper arguing for the existence of God. There are those who would rather see him dead than have him propagate such a myth, including the man with whom Sarah has fallen in love.

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